About us

​Egersund Herøy AS was started up in the summer of 1999. We run our business out of modern facilities at Mjølstadneset in Herøy. 

We have modern facilities which make manufacturing, repairs and service cost-effective. Egersund Herøy AS have recruited a work-force with great experience in the fishing industry, and we belive this makes cooperation and communication with You as a customer easier. Our localities are located in "the middle" of the northbound/southbound ship fairway. WIth our own deep water quay we are able to receive most ships at our facilities.

Egersund Herøy AS manufactures and delivers everything for trwaling, purse-seine and hardware for the fishing industry. We also supply the maritime, oil- and gas industry as well as land-based industry. 
We have been a solid companion to the fishing fleet in Herøy since 1999.
First grade materials, experienced and qualified people, good quality-routines are some of the parts we believe will make a difference for You as a customer.
A close dialogue with the industry is the base for our continuous development.

Equipment for the maritime and offshore industry

Egersund Herøy - modern facilities with an extensive warehouse and deep water quay. Providing easy access, rapid delivery and good service.