Mooring Lines/ Mooring Equipment

We keep a vast selection of mooring lines in stock at our facilities at Mjølstadneset, Fosnavåg. Our most common mooring lines are 8-strand mooring lines (float) in 48mm, 52mm, 56mm, 60mm og 64mm. All our in-stock mooring lines are 110m in length, but we can also supply 220m lines. Properties: 25% polyester and 75% high density olefin per weight construction is used with the polyester covering 100% of the rope’s surface, yet constructing a floating rope.

All our ropes are manufactured and tested in accordance with ISO 2307 and ISO 9554. OCIMF has also included these ropes in the latest version of mooring guidelines. All mooring lines are also marked with a unique ID-tag for tracking, cover/jacket in each eye and loop for throwing line.
In addition to our "standard" 8-strand ropes we can also offer 12-strand as well as 24-strand mooring lines. By increasing the number of strands in a mooring line we achieve a "rounder" rope which will distribute "wear and tear" to a greater surface of the rope. This can result in a longer lifespan of the rope.

We are also able to supply Dyneema mooring lines with either polyester- or Nylon-tails. Please contact our sales department for more information and prices.

All our mooring lines are marked with a unique ID-tag. We can also supply RFID-tags if needed.

Egersund Herøy AS can supply mooring lines according to specific needs. Below is an example of black mooring lines specifically made to one of our clients. Please contact our sales department for more information.


Fenders/ Buoys/ Protection Sleeves

Egersund Herøy AS is a supplier of fenders and buoys from the well-known manufacturer Polyform. We always keep a vast selection of these items in our warehouse.
We supply mooring line protection sleeves from 48mm - 96mm. These sleeves will protect the mooring lines in vulnerable/exposed areas.
The protective sleeves are attached to the mooring lines using welcro.

Pilot Ladder

  • Designed for embarking or disembarking of pilots from the vessel
  • MED approved
  • Steps and spreaders made in one piece construction and free from knots and splinters
  • Four lowest steps of a pilot ladder are made from rubber
  • Type 'A' pilot ladder maximum length 9m
  • Type 'B' pilot ladder maximum length 36m

 NB - The side rope must not be painted or otherwise coated or covered.