Egersund Group has, since 1952, developed and manufactured equipment for the fishery industry, and is today the worlds leader in trawling equipment. Here at Egersund Herøy AS we've been active in this industry since 1998.

Offshore / industry

Egersund Herøy AS is a proud supplier to the maritime cluster, as well as the oil- and gas industry both on the NCS as well as internationally. We supply products from the leading manufacturers around the world.


Nofir was founded in 2008 with the purpose of establishing a nationwide system for collecting discarded equipment in Norway. 15 000 tons of plastic equipment from the fishing and fish farming industry is discarded each year in Norway alone. In 2012 Nofir were granted support from European Union through the Eco Innovaton scheme. Since then we have collected material all over Europe.

We supply products from the leading manufacturers around the world, and our focus areas are

  • Wire/Cranenwire/Anchorrwire/UHMWPE-fiber ropes
  • Mooring equipment (Hawsers, fenders etc.)
  • Fiberslings/Grommets
  • Wire slings
  • Chain
  • Sockets 
  • General hardware

Easy access, rapid delivery and good service

As a subsidiary of Egersund Group, Egersund Herøy is a leading manufacturer of equipment for the fishing industry. As a result of being involved in numerous projects in this field we also focus on the offshore and maritime industry. Together with our dedicated team we are able to serve the offshore and maritime market with equipment such as mooring wires and ropes, anchorwire, fibre ropes, lifting equipment and general hardware for the industry.