Steel rope/ Wire

Egersund Herøy AS is well-experienced and positioned to provide steel wire rope solutions for the Oil and Sustainable Energy markets. Here our steel wire ropes will need to reliably operate under the most extreme conditions. This is one of our specialties. Our knowledge and experience will guarantee constant safety for you and your people; in our opinion the vital component in all successful steel wire rope applications.

Egersund Herøy AS is the proud distributor and partner of Usha Martin in Norway.

Usha Martin is a world-leading steel wire rope manufacturer. Since 1960, our ropes have been designed, manufactured, and destined to successfully operate in the most critical applications across many different market segments. Our diverse product range is produced in various manufacturing facilities in Ranchi, Hoshiarpur, Dubai, Bangkok, and the UK.  Our warehousing and servicing centers are strategically positioned in the most important markets, with major inventory positions in The Netherlands, UK, Singapore, Dubai and Australia

Tailor-made and proven product

Brunton Shaw's tailor-made and proven product range of Oceanmax and Titan steel wire ropes fully meets the specific demands and requirements within this market segment. Steel wire ropes for hoisting, drilling, pipe laying, and mooring applications. Steel wire ropes destined for subsea and deepsea purposes. Egersund Herøy AS is capable to offer you the desired solution and can often quickly deliver from stock.

Through continuous product innovation and Usha Martin's state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities we can easily meet the most stringent requirements in terms of mass, flexibility, durability and operational excellence.

Please do not forget to check our capabilities towards steel wire rope slings, grommets, socketing and all related hoisting and lifting equipment. All created and assembled in our modern rigging facility.

Socketing/ End-terminals/ Annealing (fused and tapered)

Egersund Herøy are certified to socket (poured sockets) and anneal wire rope. We also have several presses, and with our 1000T-Talurit press we can press up to 70mm steel wire ropes. For pressing of larger diameter ropes please contact our sales dept. We stock sockets in most sizes and categories (up to 90mm). Larger sockets will typically be stocked by our suppliers/manufacturers. Our rigging experts are, obviusly, trained and certified in socketing and we are also able to do this on-site.
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We supply wire rope for mooring. Contact us for more information and prices